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medicinal cannabis products

Medibis is focused on consistently bringing safe, and effective, cannabis medicine to Australian patients with our network of growing partners around the world.

Our oil, and dried flower, products are manufactured in Australia. Utilising a defined set of quality parameters, guided by the most up to date science, to source from industry leaders.

A world-class industry

We are proud to be an integral part of the global medicinal cannabis community. 

We invest in the research of the endocannabinoid system’s interaction with medicinal cannabis to discover the endless possibilities of this potent and dynamic plant.

Medibis is committed to providing pharmaceutical grade medicinal cannabis products to the market.  We are a group of passionate professionals focused on delivering results.

Being 100% Australian owned and operated, we are driven to exceed the highest standards whilst providing support to those requiring access to medicinal cannabis by supporting the prescribing faculties and answering the hard questions.

Revolutionising Healthcare and Transforming Quality Of Life

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