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Medibis is an Australian innovator of cannabinoid-based therapies, delivering medicines to each and every patient. 

With plant health taking centre stage, we are focused on the strongest expressions of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids without using any nasty chemicals.

We believe our patients deserve the best medicine made from the best cannabis.

What is medicinal cannabis?

Medicinal cannabis has a few key differentiators from “street cannabis”, primarily around quality and safety.

Cultivation is carried out under clean conditions ensuring it is free from impurities, heavy metals, toxins and unsafe microbial content, making it safe for use as a medicine.

Genotypes are selected based on their effectiveness for specific conditions and then developed under laboratory conditions into unique phenotypes that are further improved using breeding techniques.

Data and analytics are used to establish the evidence base for medicine that practitioners require in order to effectively and confidently prescribe.

What does the new medicinal cannabis market look like?

With a globally competitive and industry-leading agricultural sector, contributing AU$58 billion to our GDP, Australia is well placed to become one of the leaders in the cultivation of medicinal cannabis.

New regulations allow export to licensed recipients in most countries, giving Australia a strong position in the market. Tight regulations also place us at the high end of the quality scale, which may see Australia out- perform many other countries who may have rushed to the market.

85% of Australians favour cannabis for medicinal use, up from 69% in 2013. Accessibility challenges through the Special Access Scheme have seen the industry slow on the uptake, with last year’s estimate of 11,000 patients equating to 22,000 prescriptions.

By 2028, the medicinal cannabis market is expected to grow to AU$3.04 billion, and the recreational cannabis market is expected to be valued at AU$7.89 billion in the event that recreational use is legalised.

Medibis Cannabis Australia
Our goal is to be able to provide a stable and sustainable platform from which to develop cannabis into its variety of derivatives and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s).

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