How Australian patients can access medicinal cannabis

Medibis is committed to making high-quality medicinal cannabis more accessible for Australian patients.

If you have problems with sleep, anxiety or pain, you could be eligible for a medicinal cannabis prescription.

As research grows around the understanding that the endo-Cannabinoid System – how your body processes cannabinoids in flower oil and how medical cannabis reaches every cell in your body – we are seeing fascinating trends that indicate that medicinal cannabis may play a role in almost every single condition that humans are presenting with.

Helping you access medicinal cannabis

Talking to your doctor and getting a prescription from a medicinal cannabis prescriber is your first step to a better quality of life.

To register to be prescribed medicinal cannabis, click the link to Cannabis Doctors Australia.

Your eligibility

Your doctor may prescribe medicinal cannabis to you if:

  • You have experienced chronic pain or other conditions such as anxiety for three months or more and,
  • You have not responded to conventional medically prescribed medicines or have experienced unbearable side effects from them

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulates the purity and quality of medicinal cannabis products prescribed by medical professionals.

A scientifically formulated dose provides greater efficacy, consistency, and safety, resulting in a better outcome for patients.

Patients should always talk to a health professional for advice before making any decisions about treatment options.

For information about being prescribed medicinal cannabis please visit:


Contact us at Medibis for more.

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