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Working In Toowoomba

Medibis are working with one of the biggest family owned design and construction contractors in the Toowoomba region to ensure timely delivery of the facility construction project.

Our specialised vendors are engaged to commission the high-tech equipment and bring the facility up to steady state operation.

Angus Chapel

Managing Director & Executive Director

Angus has spent the last 10 years working in the energy and resource sector as a commissioning engineer on major mining projects around the world.

His accountability spans from managing large teams of technicians and contractors including specialist vendors through to delivering entire complex production facilities which adhere to strict codes of compliance across multiple regulatory bodies.

He has a diploma in Business Management and is adept with aggressive time constraints and explicit deliverables.

Australian projects include Ichthys LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) facility in Darwin, Newmont-Boddington Gold Mine Expansion project in Western Australia, Santos GLNG (Gladstone Liquefied Natural Gas) Upstream project in Roma Queensland along with DCS configuration upgrades at the BP Refinery terminal in Brisbane.

He is a strong leader and has assembled a team of driven and professional people to deliver the best quality cannabis to the global market.

angus chapel Medibis Australia - Medicinal Cannabis Australia
Angus has consistently delivered highly technical projects to clients with a focus on optimised operability. 

Andrew Calvert

Chief Engineer & Executive Director 

Andrew is our chief engineer, having completed his engineering degree at the University of Auckland. 

His diverse experience spans industries including electronic security, power generation, oil refining, minerals processing and electrical manufacturing.

Within these industries Andrew has performed commissioning, operations and maintenance support, design/prototyping, production engineering and construction project support, which have culminated in successful management roles leading multi-disciplinary engineering teams. 

His practical approach, effective communication skills and technical leadership ability combine to make Andrew uniquely suited to managing Medibis’ engineering activities including the build project and operations.

andrew calvert Medibis Australia
Technical leadership ability makes Andrew uniquely suited to managing Medibis’ engineering activities.

Dr Evan Stephens

Chief Scientific Officer

Evan is our Chief Scientific Officer and has over 25 years experience in horticulture, including agronomy and plant nutrition, soil science, protected cropping, plant tissue culture, microbiome technology, integrated pest management, economic modelling and agribusiness value chains.

Has 15 years of formal research experience at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience – Queensland’s leading research institute (University of Queensland), including being the recipient of multiple Fellowships and awards, and remains an Adjunct Senior Fellow.

PhD in Biotechnology and Technology Commercialisation.

He has a strong track record of engagement across multiple disciplines and brings an extensive network of research and industry partners both domestically and internationally.

Dr Evan Stephens has a PhD in Biotechnology and Technology Commercialisation, with an extraordinarily broad knowledge base and congruence of ideas.
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